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Tymon's 2x2x2x1

Tymon's 2x2x2x1

Tymon's 2x2x2x1

4D Shape: Hypercuboid

Physical Shape: Cube

Pieces: 8 5c

Magnets: 384

Completed: 2024 Jan 11


Tymon F began some initial tests for this puzzle in October 2023. The first 2 pieces were fully assembled and magnetized by December 2023. Finally (conincidentally exactly 1 year after he discovered hypercubing), Tymon completed the 2x2x2x1 hypercuboid on 2024-01-11. After that, he started work on creating the cuboids up to 3x3x3x1.


Legal moves of a layer include 90° twists, 180° twists in any plane, or a combination of both.

Tymon's 2x2x2x1 with one half exposed