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Hactar & Luna, 2024-04-15

Neophyte Grigor had been learning under Master Yuwi for several months, strengthening his skills with the 3x3x3. Over time, he grew frustrated; he had come to the Temple of Intuition to learn to solve more exciting puzzles.

“Master Yuwi, thank you for your mentorship. You have taught me many new methods of solving a 3x3x3, but are these useful? I had already learned the method CFOP from the Temple of the Swift Solve, and could solve the cube in just 20 seconds. These new methods are slower and more confusing; what is their use?”

Master Yuwi nodded. “The techniques I have taught you are slower. Certainly your Method of the Swift Solve is superior.” She then handed him an Astroid Attack. “I trust you can solve this using CFOP.”

The neophyte stared at the puzzle for a moment. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. Certainly the Orientation and Permutation algorithms of CFOP would be of no use here. Nonetheless, when he applied the slower methods of Commutators and Blockbuilding, he was able to completely solve the puzzle piece by piece. By the end, he had understood exactly the purpose of each and every move in his solution.

At that moment, Grigor was enlightened.