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Rowan, 2024-06-12

Neophyte Reyhan had recently seen Neophyte Horatio ascend the dimensional barrier by conquering the legendary 3x3x3x3x3 puzzle, and wanted to join him in this accomplishment. But Reyhan was confused by the spell Horatio used for the construction of his puzzle. It seemed to show stickers and pieces in strange locations that she couldn’t make sense of.

Later that night, Reyhan went to the altar and crafted her dimensional spell. Finally after several days of solving, she had solved the puzzle! Reyhan excitedly rushed to find Horatio, to tell him about her tremendous achievement, but Horatio was also confused about Reyhan’s puzzle.

“Why do you have so many duplicate stickers?” he asked. “Furthermore, even with those duplicate stickers, you still cannot see every piece at the same time.”

That’s when Master Nilu strolled past, casually solving a 3x3x3x3x3 (formed using yet another different spell). Both Reyhan and Horatio ran up to Nilu and started arguing about whose puzzle was correct.

“My neoyphytes”, Nilu sighed as she guided them towards the Temple of the Sacred Hyperstone.

“Reyhan, you will stand to the left of the Hyperstone. Horatio, stand on the right. I will stand in front.” After a brief pause to allow a moment of reflection, Master Nilu inquired “now, what are we looking at?”

Reyhan and Horatio each described how the sacred hyperstone looked from their viewpoints…

“But it is the same stone!” Nilu exclaimed.

At that moment, Reyhan and Horatio were enlightened.