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Tymon’s 1x2x2x3

Tymon’s 1x2x2x3

Tymon's 1×2×2×3

4D Shape: Hypercuboid

Physical Shape: Cuboid

Pieces: 8 5c, 4 4c

Magnets: 512

Completed: 2024 Jan 15


A few days after completing the physical 1x2x2x2 Tymon F finished assembling four new 4c pieces that combined with the previous 5c pieces to create a physical analog of the 1x2x2x3 puzzle. This one was another important milestone on the way to create a physical 1x3x3x3 puzzle.


Legal moves of a layer include basic 2x2x2 90° and 180° twists that rotate pieces without changing their 4d orientation, 4d 180° twists that besides moving pieces in 3d, rotate them in 4d axis, or a combination of both.

Tymon's 1×2×2×3 with one half exposed


Besides basic stickers (white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue) every piece on the puzzle has pink and purple stickers which indicate in which 4d orientation the piece is. In the solved state every piece must have the same 4d axis orientation. The 1x2x2x3 is a bit more complicated than 2x2x3. It can be solved by: orienting 4c piece in 4d axis, orienting 5c pieces in 4d axis, solving the rest of the puzzle like a 23. Tymon made a YouTube video showing an example solve of the puzzle.