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Current World Records image/svg+xml

Event Name Time Date Program
2x2x2x2 Single Adam Marcellus Kelly 26s 490ms 2023-09-23 HSC
2x2x2x2 Ao5 Andrew Farkas (Hactar) 43s 440ms 2024-06-14 HSC
2x2x2x2 Blindfolded TheGrayCuber 14m 41s 550ms 2019-10-12 MC4D
3x3x3x3 Single Andrew Farkas (Hactar) 1m 56s 420ms 2023-05-13 HSC
3x3x3x3 Ao5 Andrew Farkas (Hactar) 2m 18s 180ms 2023-05-12 HSC
3x3x3x3 Blindfolded Sebastian Yuste 1h 21m 17s 680ms 2022-03-17 MC4D
3x3x3x3 No Filters Grant Staten 5m 16s 010ms 2023-07-03 HSC
4x4x4x4 Single Andrew Farkas (Hactar) 7m 52s 610ms 2024-04-24 HSC
5x5x5x5 Single Andrew Farkas (Hactar) 19m 35s 750ms 2024-05-16 HSC
6x6x6x6 Single Grant Staten 56m 03s 940ms 2023-06-02 HSC
7x7x7x7 Single Grant Staten 1h 58m 21s 230ms 2023-07-18 HSC
1x3x3x3 Single Tymon Fro 57s 460ms 2023-11-11 MPU
2x2x2x3 Single Rowan Fortier 2m 58s 900ms 2024-06-20 MPU
2x2x3x3 Single Emanuele Battistin 22m 12s 690ms 2024-06-12 MPU
Physical 2x2x2x2 Single Grant Staten 54s 840ms 2022-11-08 -
Physical 2x2x2x2 One-Handed Tymon Fro 2m 56s 980ms 2023-10-08 -
Physical 2x2x2x2 Blindfolded Asa Kaplan 47m 14s 000ms 2022-08-08 -
Physical Virtual 3x3x3x3 Single Grant Staten 9m 58s 950ms 2023-05-03 AKKEI-SIM
3-Layer Simplex Single Grant Staten 1m 17s 700ms 2023-03-15 MC4D
2x2x2x2x2 Single Tymon Fro 1h 13m 07s 260ms 2024-04-01 MPU
3x3x3x3x3 Single Luna Harran 3h 17m 59s 660ms 2024-04-07 MC7D
4x4x4x4x4 Single Luna Harran 15h 20m 24s 490ms 2024-04-26 MPU
Hemimegaminx Single Milo Jacquet 1m 31s 670ms 2024-03-31 MT
Canon-Cut Klein Quartic Single Milo Jacquet 24m 14s 410ms 2024-04-04 MT
3x3x3 in 2D projection with 1D Vision Single Grant Staten 3m 22s 200ms 2023-07-05 MC3D