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Tymon’s 1x2x2x2

Tymon’s 1x2x2x2

Tymon's 1×2×2×2

4D Shape: Hypercuboid

Physical Shape: Cube

Pieces: 8 5c

Magnets: 384

Completed: 2024 Jan 11


Tymon F began some initial tests for this puzzle in October 2023. The first 2 pieces were fully assembled and magnetized by December 2023. Finally (conincidentally exactly 1 year after he discovered hypercubing), Tymon completed the 1x2x2x2 hypercuboid on 2024-01-11. After that, he started work on creating the cuboids up to 1x3x3x3.


Legal moves of a layer include basic 2x2x2 90° twists, 180° twists in any plane which also rotate pieces in 4d axis, or a combination of both.

Tymon's 1×2×2×2 with one half exposed


Beside basic stickers (white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue) every piece on the puzzle has pink and purple stickers which indicate in which 4d orientation the piece is. In the solved state every piece must have the same 4d axis orientation. The 1x2x2x2 is not much more difficult than the 2x2x2. It can be solved by: orienting 5c pieces in 4d axis, except “OLL parity” (because of the extra axis, a single 5c can be missoriented) the rest of the puzzle can be solved like a 3d 2x2x2. Tymon made a YouTube video showing an example solve of the puzzle.