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Hypercubing is a fuzzy set that encompasses traditional cubing but focuses on exotic geometries and higher-dimensional spaces. This page lists and explains some hypercubing puzzles.

  • Twisty puzzles in higher dimensions
  • Puzzles on non-spherical tilings (hyperbolic, euclidean torus/klein)
  • Puzzles on quotients of spherical space (e.g., hemimegaminx)
  • Puzzles in normal spherical space, even if it's equivalent to a WCA puzzle (e.g., magictile megaminx)
  • 3D sliding puzzles (e.g., 3D loopover)
  • Exotic puzzle constructions (complex 3^3 and complex loopover)
  • Other permutationish puzzles that are not included in traditional cubing (e.g., heav's relocation)
  • Any permutationish puzzle in higher dimensions


Physical Puzzles

Very few 4D puzzles have physical implementations, the major exception to this being the 2x2x2x2 through 3x3x3x3 hypercuboids. See Physical puzzles for information on the currently existing and theoretical physical puzzles.

3x3x3 with 1D vision

What if you were a 2D being trying to solve a 3D Rubik's Cube? This is directly analagous to us 3D beings trying to solve a 4D cube, and MagicCube3D has a setting to view the 3x3x3 with 1D vision. The first known solver was Markk in December 2022.