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Hyperspeedcube is a modern, beginner-friendly 3D and 4D Rubik’s cube simulator with customizable mouse and keyboard controls and advanced features for speedsolving. It’s been used to break numerous speedsolving records.

3x3x3x3 with the far cell mid-twist 3x3x3x3 near the end of F2L-b with many tools and settings windows open Solved 2x2x2


It's recommended to download the Hyperspeedcube program (which is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux), although a web version is available as well. The latest version is Release badge and can be downloaded from the website here:

Download Hyperspeedcube

On Windows, it will download as a .zip file. After extracting the files and saving them to the destination of your choice, simply launch the hyperspeedcube.exe file. This is the program, so make sure you save it somewhere you can remember!


Windows: download failed - virus detected

If it immediately says failed - virus detected just after downloading, then your antivirus software thinks it is a virus. Try opening the Windows Security app, and digging around in the settings there to disable it, then try the download again.

Windows: Windows protected your PC

If you get a message that says Windows protected your PC and it prevented an unrecognized app from starting after trying to run the hyperspeedcube.exe file for the first time, then click on the more info button, and then click run anyway.

MacOS: unidentified developer

On MacOS, it might say: "Hyperspeedcube" can not be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Try going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > then click Allow next to where it says Hyperspeedcube is from an unidentified developer.

If you’re having other trouble with Hyperspeedcube, join the Hypercubers Discord server and ping @HactarCE or @Hyperspeedcube Developer.


Hyperspeedcube, or HSC, is the brainchild of Andrew Farkas (AKA HactarCE). Initially called Keyboard Speedcube and only supporting 3D Rubik's Cubes, the first screenshot was shared with the Hypercubers Discord on October 25th, 2021. A month later, Rowan Fortier asked Hactar if he could receive an early version of the program, and showcased it in a YouTube video.

first mention Early build

The program was renamed to Hyperspeedcube, and many community requested features were added. For a complete list of all releases and changes, see the changelog on HSC's GitHub page.

Future updates

HSC 2.0 is the next major update in the works, with no set release date as of yet. Below is a list of upcoming features:

  • Build nearly any puzzle in 3D to 7D space
  • Complete overhaul of the graphics engine
  • Built in timer for speedsolves, including an autosplitter for the most common method(s?)
  • Timeline of progress during solve
  • More piece filter customization

Hypercuboid midway through turn 3D Jing's pyraminx puzzle in HSC 2.0

{3}x{5} duoprism in HSC 2.0 120-cell in HSC 2.0

Development screenshots by Hactar