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Physical Puzzles


It is highly recommended to learn how virtual puzzles work first before trying to understand the physical puzzles.

Physical 3x3x3x3

physical 3x3x3x3.

Physical puzzles refer to higher dimensional puzzles that are physically built in real life (using only 3 dimensions). This involves clever designs, strange symmetry-abusing tricks, and lots and lots of magnets. Often, these puzzles are too impractical to use, defeating their sole purpose.

For a documentary about the history of physical puzzles as of December 2022, see Rowan's video.

Physical puzzles that have been built

Designs that haven't been built yet

  • AxBxCxD (any hypercube or hypercuboid with layers bigger than 1)
  • 1x1xAxB series
  • Markk's duoprisms
  • {5}x{4} duoprism
  • Akkei's 2x2x2x2x2