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Since building physical representations of higher-dimensional puzzles is challenging, we use computer software to simulate them.

What program should I download?

We recommend Hyperspeedcube to get started.

If you want macro support (recorded sequences of moves) or other 4D puzzles, Magic Cube 4D is a good option.

For hypercubing on mobile devices, see Android apps or iOS apps.

General cubing & hypercubing

What do the icons mean?
  • Mouse controls
  • Keyboard controls
  • Customizable keyboard controls
  • Find/filter piece by color
  • Filter pieces
  • Timer
  • Macros
  • Move input
  • Custom colors
  • Custom puzzles
  • VR support
Program Platforms Features Puzzles
Hyperspeedcube {1-9}{3-4}
Magic Cube 4D 4D via Schläfli symbol
MagicTile 2D tilings
Magic Puzzle Ultimate 3D+ doctrinaire
Magic Cube 7D {3-5}{4-7}
Magic Cube 5D {2-7}5
Magic Cube 4D VR 34
Flat Hypercube {1-19}{1-10}
Gelatinbrain1 many cursed things
pCubes nearly every 3D puzzle

Specific puzzles

Program Platforms Features Puzzle
Magic Hyperbolic Tile {6,3,3} (7 quotients)
Magic Simplex 5D 5D simplex (+ recuts)
Magic120Cell 120-cell (+ recolorings)
Nan Ma’s 11-cell 11-cell

1D and 2D puzzles

Complex & laminated puzzles


Android apps

Hypercubing on mobile devices is not recommended; however, if this is your only option, these apps are available for Android:

iOS apps

There are no known apps for hypercubing on iOS.

If you’re able to connect an external mouse & keyboard, the web version of Hyperspeedcube may work on mobile devices but it’s not officially supported.


  • Orb, for planning puzzle cut depths
  • RocKeT, for finding RKT cancels for 3D algorithms
  • Hypersolve, for generating short 24 solutions and scrambles


This is not a complete list of 4D games. This is specifically 4D software that hypercubers often recommend for understanding 4D geometry better.


  1. Full name: gelatinbrain’s Virtual Magic Polyhedra (permutationpuzzles)