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Grant’s OBC Method for physical 2x2x2x2

Grant’s OBC Method uses only 3 gyros, making it much faster than Rowan’s OBC Method. It works by secretly setting up to an H OCLL case while orienting both cells.



Before starting the solve, inspect the puzzle for an opposite colour pair that you can easily get exactly 8 stickers from that pair to be on the y-axis. They can be in any spot, as long as they are pointing up or down.

Getting 8 Oriented to Y-axis, then gyro

This is done in just a few simple moves, and should be fully planned during inspection for speedsolving. This step is very difficult to get used to, but gets easier over time. Once it looks like the image above, perform the gyro algorithm such that those 8 stickers end up on the x-axis (the “pipped” spots).

Orient the remaining 8 to y-axis

Now that 8 corners have been oriented, you can do any moves (besides a gyro), and not affect their orientation. Pair up the remaining 8 so that they are all on the same cell, and oriented to the y-axis.

Finish orientation

Rotate the cell with the pieces you just paired up to the w-axis (facing in/out). Now perform the gyro algorithm, and cancel into the 5 move H OCLL case, and then gyro again.