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Grant’s 2x2x2x3

Grant’s 2x2x2x3

Grant's 2×2×2×3

4D Shape: Hypercuboid

Physical Shape: Rectangular prism

Pieces: 16 4c, 8 3c

Magnets: 1152

Completed: 2022 Feb 3

Grant’s 2x2x2x3 is a physical 4D twisty puzzle that was designed and 3D printed by Grant S. It works almost the same as its virtual counterpart, with the restrictions of only certain moves being canonical, plus the extra gyro algorithms needed to rotate the puzzle 4 dimensionally.


In December of 2021, Melinda green posted this image to the Hypercubers Discord server, jokingly calling it a 2x2x2x3:

Melinda's 2×2×2×3

After Melinda posted that, Luna started sketching out some ideas of possible layouts for an actual 2x2x2x3.

Physical 3C piece rendering

She invented the design for the 3c pieces by dividing the edges of a cube into 12 sections like this, grouping 4 sets of 3 together symmetrically.

This is when Grant joined the server, and shared his 3D printed 2x2x2x2. Rowan then challenged him to build Luna’s design for the 2x2x2x3. After a lot of time tweaking the designs, printing them, magnetizing them, and assembling them, the 2x2x2x3 was completed on February 3rd 2022.

Grant's physical 2×2×2×3 shortly after finishing assembly

How Does it Work?

It follows the same basic principles as Melinda’s 2x2x2x2, except gyros get more complicated. Grant made a YouTube video showing off the legal twists, and how it matched the virtual puzzle in MPU exactly.